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Our beautiful Brand Story. We are an Online Digital Marketing Agency. We provide our best services worldwide with free benefits for every individual and business owner.

Blaze Designing

Blaze Designing is just a name for you because we have just started introducing our services agency. We work for all the people who want to grow their reputation online. Blaze Designing’s main objective is to provide online services globally that will turn every visitor’s click into conversions.

Distance is just a word; we are making Blaze designing a successful online agency where you can communicate with us online from anywhere, and we work in quick and easy ways. We aim to grow this agency globally; we welcome you in our circle. We will make your business globally successful because of technology matters.


Blaze Designing is the way to go forward and grow your business worldwide online.

Blaze Designing work as well as the name, with Blazing fast Speed!

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Owner Blaze Designing

Maryam Yaqoob

(Owner of Blaze Designing)

“I’m a Digital marketer, I took my career start at age 19 from a small agency, my actual aim was to build an online business. In past years, 2016-18 I had no path where I was going because I always earned for a living. Circumstances never allowed me to work for my online business. After so far-thinking, in 2019 I left my job with the idea of starting my business then I planned and invested a lot of my time and started Blaze Designing in the year 2019, it was 6 months of full focus and hard work which brought me here. I took the start of work as a Freelancer on online platforms, where I am working with the name of Blaze Designing and giving my services to clients. I am daily working for enhancing the services of Blaze Designing”


Maryam Yaqoob

“A Dream is just a Vision without Plan”

Our Journey

It all started with the aim, soon after, Maryam came up with considerable research and plans from where to take the first step. She enrolled in many courses and planned services but decided to take start with Website Development and SEO. All the certificates of course completion have uploaded on our website.

We are daily working hard to improve our services with reliable and accessible customer support.

About Blaze Designing

Our Certification

We are Certified Professionals, and we serve Professional Services.

Certificate of Digital Marketing

Certificate of Digital Marketing

Certificate of Adobe Illustrator

Certificate of Adobe Illustrator

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Blaze Designing

Blaze Designing is a Digital Marketing Agency for anyone who wants to grow their reputation online. We serve every business small or big, Companies, Entrepreneurs, and individuals or organizations.